Saturday, 29 November 2014

Work place stress: How to de-stress at work place?

Work place stress is a very serious problem in every individual’s life and it is unavoidable due to demands of the work environment. Most individuals fail to cope with it. Stress creates a lot of tension in mind of people which leads to mental imbalance; reduced workplace efficiency, and unleashes Pandora’s Box in personal as well as professional life.

And I am sure each one of us wants to rid of these stresses but they can’t. Remember life is a way to walk through every phase and every phase of life follows critical point that is happiness and tensions. So by thinking all the way I came to the conclusion and will share with you all.

Numerous reasons or situation both in personal and professional lives causes stress in the life of an individual. There no fixed solution to overcome stress; but I would suggest some points which can prove beneficial.

  • Meditation: It’s very important thing to do in today’s world, do it regularly and enjoy self esteem.
  • Make your agenda for the day and follow(Create a to do list for every day)
  • Never think that you are powerless. Every individual has some power in their own, think and act.
  • Update yourself in Technology world.
  • Connect yourself with other people and share your thoughts
  • Follow your instincts in most of the situations they are always correct.
  • Never get emotional with job related things, think wise and then react. It can help in improving decision making skills.
  • Whenever you feel low at work, stand up walk for a while come back and smile. You will forget everything and start fresh.
  • If your performance is low. Look at your Job description and discuss it with your supervisor. Remember, no one is perfect set your own standards.
  • Last but not the least do what you like spending time with family, listening music, think of your favorite things you wish to do in your life.

There is no proper way of doing things correctly. What an individual can do is self management. By doing this you not only enjoy your life but also builds a great self esteem in yourself. Employees feel good with no stress if they experience the knowledge and abilities matched to their work and also when support is received from supervisors and colleagues. Every Individual wants respect and appreciation, but how a person achieves them is totally depend on how they manage themselves in a critical situation.

Thank you for reading my article. Share your thoughts in comment section below.

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